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One of Iceland’s best-kept secrets is undoubtedly the Westfjords. They are one of the most breathtakingly beautiful and least-visited corners of Iceland, where isolation has preserved the region’s unspoilt wilderness. Everything here is extreme – from the table mountains that dominate the landscape to the savage storms that have shaped the coastline into countless rugged inlets. The deep fjords each have their own charm, every steep mountain competes for your attention and the stunning natural beauty awaits to be explored.


Many of Iceland’s main attractions are located in the Westfjords. Hornstrandir, an uninhabited peninsula and nature reserve is located in the northwestern corner of the Westfjords and is a haven for the Arctic fox as well as a variety of birdlife. The bird cliff Látrabjarg, is located on the west side of the Westfjords. It hosts nearly half of the world’s population of some bird species and is the westernmost point of Europe. The majestic Dynjandi waterfall is another must-see in the region.

Tradition and heritage is significant in the region’s culture. The strong relation to the sea is evident the the regional cuisine and folklores also play a big role in the culture. The Westfjords are a unique wilderness and the perfect place for bird watching, spotting the arctic fox and other unique fauna in their natural habitats.




Rauðisandur, or Red Beach is a 10 kilometre stretch of beach on the south coast of the West Fjords. It offers a spectacular view and countless numbers of seabirds and seals.



Hornstrandir brings outdoor lovers with the ultimate untouched nature, where you will find unmarked hiking trails linking the stunning fjords and bays of this uninhabited area.


Flatey Island

Flatey is characterised by the beautifully kept old houses in cheerful colours along a dusty path. The all-year-round population consists of only two families.


Dynjandi Waterfall

Easily the most spectacular site in the Westfjords’ and has been their front-page model for decades, Dynjandi (The Thunderer) is never short of breathtaking.



Látrabjarg cliffs are one of Westfjord’ main attractions and hosts Iceland’s greatest concentration of seabirds. This westernmost point of Iceland is really a line of 4 cliffs.


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