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The Cave

The Cave specialises in cave exploration tours in the biggest cave in Iceland, Víðgelmir. Just shy of 1600 meters, the cave features amazing colours and lava formations.


Ocean Adventures

Ocean Adventures is a tour company that offers fun boat tours from Stykkishólmur. The boat suitable for sea angling and birdwatching as you can get much closer to the ocean.


Grundarfjörður Golf Course

The Grundarfjörður Golf Club is called Vestarr and was founded in 1995. In 1996, they started building the 9-hole course which is located in a beautiful environment.


Leynir Golf Course

Akranes golf course is one of the two 18-hole golf courses in West Iceland and is renowned for its beautiful and interesting surroundings, good upkeep and excellent putting greens.


Húsafell Golf Course

This golf course is one of the most frequented tourist attractions in Iceland, which does not come as a surprise, as it is renowned for being one of Iceland’s natural gems.


Skrifla Golf Course

This golf course lies in the eastern part of the land between the highway and Reykjadalsá river. The course is a 9-hole with a spacious driving range and an 18-hole putting green course.


Staðarsveit Golf Course

The fields of Garðar consists of a 9-hole golf course in beautiful surroundings. The course is built on windswept sand dunes from the nearby shore so the experience is very ’Scottish’.


Glanni Golf Course

This 9-hole course sits along the Glanni waterfall in Norðurárdal valley. Located in the middle of the Grábrók lava field, it is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the country.


Lýsuhóll Swimming Pool

A small pool with a warm temperature (around 24-35°C) and geothermal water. It’s rich in minerals and is considered good for mind and spirit.


Ólafsvík Swimming Pool

Ólafsvík swimming pool is an indoor swimming pool and is 12.5 metres long and has a hotpot. In the summer of 2014, a new outdoor area with hot tubs and water slides opened.


Akranes Swimming Pool

The swimming pool in Akranes has especially good facilities for swimming, but it has an old tradition of swimming and many of Iceland most famous swimmers are from Akranes.


Sælingsdalur Swimming Pool

A lovely little rural swimming pool area, consisting of an outdoor pool a hot tub, steam bath and a wading pool in beautiful surroundings.


Húsafell Swimming Pool

The swimming pool in Húsafell is one of the most popular leisure activities in the Húsafell area. There are two swimming pools, as well as two hot tubs, along with a water slide.


Kleppsjárnsreykir Swimming Pool

A small and pleasant swimming pool, located close to one of the most powerful hot springs in Europe, Deildartunga hot spring. The pool area consists of an outside pool and a hot tub.



Hrepplaug is preserved as a cultural heritage, the water comes from nearby hot springs and is led directly into the to the hot tubs and the swimming pool.



Húsafell is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Iceland because of it’s a unique natural gem in a magnificent landscape with endless recreational opportunities.



Guðrúnarlaug is mentioned in the famous Icelandic Sagas and set in beautiful surroundings. It is free of charge to bathe in the pool and open to the public open all year round.


Snæfellsjökull National Park

The Snæfellsjökull National Park is the first national park established in Iceland, formed in June 2001 with the aim of protecting the unique nature and important historical relics.



Deildartunguhver is Europe’s most powerful hot spring. It provides 180 litres per second of 100°C hot water and could fill a 25-metre swimming pool in less than an hour.



Krosslaug is a natural pool, located in Lundareykjadalur valley. The pool is small but the heat of the water is around 42°C and is perfect for bathing all year round.



Mt. Akrafjall is a prominent landmark from the capital area to the north across the bay. The mountain offers an excellent panoramic views from Reykjanes to Snæfellsjokull Glacier.



Langisandur Beach is a popular beach, located on the coastline of Akranes town. It is local’s favourite outdoor areas along with being considered one of Iceland’s best beaches.

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