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We visited Slakki with our one-year-old daughter today as a fun stop for her on our trip around the Golden Circle. It was the perfect outing. She met a ton of baby animals that have been rescued. They currently are nursing a baby seal back to health. We had a nice lunch and she had fun playing with the toys that were out for her to interact with. They had mini golf as well but that’s a bit of a challenge with a toddler. The proprietor was very friendly and welcoming, would definitely recommend this stop for anyone visiting Iceland with a family.
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Located in Laugarás in Bláskógabyggð, Slakki Petting Zoo is an ideal attraction for a day of family-fun. At Slakki Zoo, you can enjoy the beautiful countryside while getting to know the Icelandic farm animals. It has everything a proper petting zoo should have: cute kittens and puppies, calves, piglets, mice, rabbits, parrots, fish, chicken and even a pair of turkeys.

In addition to all the animals, Slakki also offers a range of entertainment, two billiard tables, a mini golf course, an elaborate amusement arcade and playgrounds to name a few. Parents can simply sit down and relax while the children run off to play and explore the zoo. The Cat House is particularly popular where the children love to spend some time petting and cuddling with the friendly cats that live there. The puppies and the calves (which you can feed with a baby bottle) are also a big favorite. The atmosphere in Slakki Zoo is great, full of joy and enthusiasm as people of all ages spend the day with  each other and the animals.

Slakki has a café that offers coffee and homemade refreshments, delicious hamburgers and mouth-watering desserts. In a small and lovely turf house, you’ll find a small kiosk that sells ice cream, sweets ,and other snacks. You can enjoy your food inside with a view over the mini golf course, or if the weather is good you can sit outside on the sunny terrace.

Opening times for 2017 will be from 11-18 every weekend in April, every day from 11-18 from 1.May to 1.September and then again every weekend in September from 11-18. In addition, they offer group rentals of Slakki Petting Zoo outside regular opening hours, but please note that bookings for groups need to be made in advance.

It is one of South Iceland’s best kept secrets and will make your stay in Iceland even more memorable, especially in the minds of the children.

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