Project Description


Reynisfjara is a beautiful black beach and is located just south of Vík. It is widely regarded as the most impressive black-sand beaches in Iceland. This unique wind-beaten volcanic beach has a very gothic and other-worldly feel to it, underpinned by local folklore. It features an amazing cliff of regular basalt columns resembling a rocky steep pyramid which is called Gardar. If you look west you will see Reynisdrangar, craggy basalt pillars said to be the remains of three Icelandic trolls that turned into stone when they attempted to drag a ship to land. The birdlife around the beach is rich and you can expect to spot some puffins, fulmars, and guillemots.

Please be aware that the waves at Reynisfjara are especially strong so don’t go to close to the sea. The tide is also stronger than you might think and there have been accidents where people have been swept to sea.


GPS: N63° 24′ 10.512″ W19° 2′ 36.422″

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