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Had an awesome glacier walk with Johann. Loads of good information about Iceland and it’s tectonic history! Such a relaxed atmosphere and loads of time spent on the ice. Highly recommended.
Mike B - TripAdvisor

Mountain Excursions is a small family-run activity company that specialise in super truck and hiking tours around the Katla Geopark area. The business is owned and run by couple Jóhann and Margrét. Jóhann er is raised in the Mýrdalur and is certified professional Katla Geopark guide so he has an extensive knowledge of the area. His experience and passion for the outdoors is evident and he is committed to make your journey as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Mountain Excursions offer two main tours, the Katla Super Truck Tour and the Glacier Walks. Katla Super Truck tour takes around 4 hours and takes you around the beautiful area around Katla volcano. Driving through the Icelandic nature in a super truck is an experience in itself but in the tour, you’ll also be able to see and explore the black dessert of Mýrdalssandur, Katla glacier, and Hjörleifshöfði. You’ll enjoy some spectacular sight, learn about the Katla Volcano and even hear interesting Viking stories.

The Glacier Walk Tour is an adventurous hiking tour on Sólheimajökull where you’ll explore crevasses, ice tunnels, ice caves and the interesting formations in the ice and magnificent landscapes all around. They also offer a range of exclusive tours all around South Iceland as well as tailor-made tours upon request. Please see their website for further information about the tours and prizes.

Mountain Excursions prefer to take on smaller groups, around 2-8 people, but in this way they are able to be more attentive to each person and provide more personal guiding for the group as a whole. They do, however, have the capacity to take on up to 22 persons, in two super jeeps; a Mercedes SuperTruck that takes 16 passengers and a Ford Excursion SuperTruck that takes 6 passengers.

With Mountain Excursions, the journey becomes the adventure as it will take you through breath-taking landscapes and natural wonders. It is truly an excellent way to explore South Iceland and will likely become one of the highlights of your stay in Iceland.

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