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Litla Lopasjoppan is a wool and handicraft market located in the small village of Hella in South Iceland. It is run and owned by Berglind Kristinsdóttir who has had a passion for the handcraft of the Icelandic wool for years. It is a paradise for anyone looking for an Iceland sweater, with shelves stacked with the traditional lopapeysur and other goods made from the Icelandic wool, in a wide range of colours and patterns.

This lovely shop is a family-run business, with Berglind and her friends and family working together to make the classic sweaters all Icelanders know and love. They also make a range of other knitwear made from Icelandic wool that is ideal for gifts and souvenirs, including scarves, shawls, cardigans, hats and mittens. You can expect the shopkeeper to be knitting when you visit and she is happy to explain the back story of many of the pieces in the shop. The price is very reasonable and actually better that in many other establishments but it does definitely not come down on the quality which is nothing but amazing. It’s a local business where your purchase goes directly to those that made the product which is most likely the reason why you get such good value for money.

Litla Lopasjoppan is a simple, authentic experience where you can learn about the individuals behind each piece – some of whom you might actually meet in the shop itself so you are sure to get a real, handmade, one of a kind piece in this lovely shop.

Berglind, her young women in the shop along with her family, manufactures some truly amazing and original Icelandic wool products. Definitely a positive experience and a shop worth visiting.
A family run business I for sure will maintain in contact with.
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Monday – Friday:

12 – 17:30


11 – 16

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