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We were thrilled that there were only four of us in the group, so we felt like celebrities with special service. Even though we were a very small group, Smari still guided us through the cave professionally and patiently. We joined the moderate one. When we saw the small hole we were going to get through, we thought it was impossible. But as we saw him appeared at the other side and followed his tips, we made it. I really recommend you to try this unique exploration in Iceland with Laugarvtn Adventure. A good guide decides a good tour.
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Laugavatn Adventures is a travel company with extensive experience of the area around the Golden Circle. If you want to add some adventure to your Golden Circle journey, Laugavatn Adventure can add some excitement to this beautiful trip by taking you underground to explore the wonders of the lava tube caves.

They offer a selection of tours of all kinds, including a highland super jeep tour where you head to the Icelandic Highlands and explore the magnificent black sand desert Rótarsandur. The Super Jeep tour is ideal for those who want to experience the areas inaccessible by a normal vehicle. The Litli-Björn Vörðuhellir tour explores the Vörðuhellir cave. This tour is not for people suffering from claustrophobia as you will need to crawl through some small spaces. All safety equipment are included in the tour. Gjábakki Cave Tour is an exciting caving trip through the 364 meters long Gjábakkahellir cave. The cave is rocky and you will need to walk, crawl and climb but is rated as moderate in difficulty level. Laugavatn Adventures also offer a 3-day skiing tour in the Icelandic Highlands. The tour starts by climbing in their super truck that will take you to Kerlingarfjöll. The area has slopes with varied difficulties, so everyone should fins a suitable slope.

Laugavatn Adventure strives to make your journey more adventurous whilst keeping your well-informed and safe during your tour. They welcome tours of all sizes and keep the service personal and friendly. Their knowledge and experience of the area are evident and their tours are a unique experience for travellers.

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