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Project Description

LÁ Art Museum – Hveragerði

The LÁ Art Museum runs ambitious and various exhibitions of contemporary as well as modern art in four spacious exhibition halls. The exhibitions reflect the cultural heritage of the district and the development and changes that have shaped the community in modern times. The museum offers visitors to relax in a bright seating area in a peaceful setting while browsing through art related material. The museum also houses a small cafeteria and a children’s corner that gives the younger visitors a chance to enjoy themselves. There is no entrance fee to the LÁ Art Museum and it’s open from 12 – 6 pm every day during summer, but from Thursdays to Sundays during winter.


The LÁ Art Museum is located at Austurmörk 21, 810 Hveragerði

GPS: 63.9962821,- 21.1880252

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