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Geysir must be the most popular attraction in Iceland and a favourite stop along the Golden Circle. Although Geysir itself is hardly active anymore, the area features a highly active hot spring area with spectacular boiling mud pits and exploding geysers. The main attraction is now the lively Strokkur (The Churn), another geyser, located around 100 meters south of the Great Geysir and spouts water 30 meters into the air every few minutes. The area became active more than 1000 years ago and consists of more than a dozen hot water blow holes. The whole area is a geothermal park sitting on top of a vast boiling cauldron with belching sulphurous mud pots of unique colours, hissing steam vents, hot and cold springs, warm streams and primitive plants all can be found there. It is not known exactly when Geysir was created but it is believed to have formed around the end of the 13th century when a series of strong earthquakes, accompanied by a devastating eruption of Mt. Hekla, hit Haukadalur, the geothermal valley where Geysir is located.  A truly unique experience offered in the Geysir hot spring area is the hot spring bread where visitors assist a chef to boil eggs outside in an actual hot spring and dig up rye bread that has been baking underground for 24 hours.


GPS: N64° 18′ 49.512″ W20° 17′ 58.160″

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