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Visiting Fridheimer was the highlight of our trip around the Golden Circle. The menu is simple but has great options. We tried the soup which was light and delicious, and the bread was amazing! My husband and I also decided to step outside our “comfort zone” and tried the Tomato Ice Cream – which was also awesome. I don’t think you’ll ever find another restaurant where you’ll enjoy such an authentic “farm-to-table” experience.
Donna L - TripAdvisor

Friðheimar is a wonderful place located on the Golden Circle in South Iceland, about 18 km from Geysir. It has become renowned among locals and travellers alike for their unique food experience. The theme of Friðheimar is tomatoes, in their many different forms. They grow tomatoes all year around and you’ll get the opportunity to explore their greenhouses and enjoy a taste of the crop. The restaurant is located in the greenhouse, filled with the wonderful fragrance of the tomato plants that are all around. You can have a stroll and explore the greenhouse environment while learning about the horticulture and workings of Friðheimar, before sitting down for a delicious meal.

The restaurant has a simple menu where all the items are made from their tomatoes in one way or the other. Their famous tomato soup is the star of the menu, served with freshly baked bread, sour cream, butter and cucumber salsa, also freshly made at the greenhouse. The tables are decorated with a Basil plant so you can cut the leaves off and season your soup. As fresh as it gets! Their desserts are also unique, all served in a flowerpot. Tomato ice cream, cheesecake with green-tomato jam and green tomato and apple pie are on the dessert menu and if you are in the mood for a drink why not go for the freshest Bloody Mary you’ll ever have! They do offer all kinds of creative varieties of Bloody Mary’s so make sure you check them out. After your meal, you can drop into their Little Tomato Shop and pick up delicious edible souvenirs to take home.

Friðheimar is not just a restaurant but a unique food experience. It has the freshest and one of the most unique menus that you can find in South Iceland. You can even learn a thing or two about the processes of greenhouse horticulture, which is unique in a place like Iceland. It is no wonder that it has become one of the most popular attractions in the area. The restaurant is open every day from 12 to 16 and please make sure you book a table in advance. It’s best to send them an email on to reserve a table.

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