Project Description


A magnificent canyon, about 100 meters deep and 2 kilometres long but it’s beauty lies in its unique shapes and vivid colours. The canyon has sheer walls, is somewhat serpentine and narrow in shape and is believed to be around two million years old. It was created by progressive erosion by flowing water from Fjarðrá river. Fjarðrá has its source in Mt. Geirlandshraun and falls off the heath edge on this stunning canyon before making it down into Skaftá River. The river is rather low in on water making it safe for hikers to walk inside the canyon although some wading is necessary. If you choose this way, you’ll need to walk the same way back because at one point you’ll have waterfalls blocking your way. The most popular way to explore the canyon is to walk along a walking path up on the canyon’s edge so you can enjoy the striking ever-changing view over the canyon.


GPS: N63° 46′ 16.026″ W18° 10′ 19.506″

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