Project Description


Eldgjá is a part of a volcanic fissure that stretches from Mýrdalsjökull and towards Vatnajokull glacier. It is the largest volcanic canyon in the world and is 270 m deep, up to 600 m wide and around 40 km long! It was formed in the year 934 during the first documented and one of the largest volcanic eruptions in Iceland in historical times. It is estimated that during the eruption Eldgjá produced 19,6 cubic km of lava, making it the largest basalt flood lava eruption of all times. The lava field is believed to cover 700 km2, which makes it one of the vastest lava fields on earth since the last ice age. Eldgjá belongs to the same crater system as Katla and is truly a unique natural phenomenon. Eldgjá’s main attraction is the beautiful Ófærufoss waterfall, which is located a short walking distance from the area’s car park.


GPS: N63° 53′ 41.987″ W18° 45′ 13.925″

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