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Reykjavík is a perfect city for a family vacation as families will find plenty of interesting activities in Reykjavik. The city is very safe and clean with a compact centre that one can easily navigate on foot and provides easy access to nature. Reykjavík is the most child-friendly place in Iceland simply because it has a great variety of attractions and facilities. Most kids also find the whole country an adventure with its wide-open spaces, wildlife and science projects brought to life. The people of Reykjavík are also very open to children and youngsters, as you’ll find a high chair in every café, most restaurants have children menu’s and you’ll even see children being left outside in their prams to naps, even in freezing cold!

The geothermal hot pools are always a children’s favourite but they are heated so they a fun thing to do all year around. There are 18 geothermal pools in the capital region, each with their own characteristics and most of them have at least one waterslide. Tjörnin is also a popular stop when strolling through the city as you can feed the ducks, geese and swans that stay there. Make sure you bring along some bread to give to them. The birds love bread and the children love the close encounters of the birds.

The Reykjavík Family Park and Zoo is a must stop when you are travelling to Reykjavík with kids. A great variety of animals and playgrounds make it a children’s paradise. On a summer day, it’s ideal to play frisbee golf in one of Reykjavík’s frisbee golf courses, an inexpensive activity that the whole family can enjoy.

The food in Iceland is also great for kids. The traditional Icelandic hot dog or pylsa is a must try, as well as one of the many ice cream shops that can be found all around the city. The city’s libraries, the Viking museums, and other family parks are among the activities recommended for families with children.

Families should check out the Íslandskort barnanna, Children’s Map of Iceland, which is aimed at young kids and published with text in Icelandic and English.