Project Description




The Iceland Dance Company, or ID, is the national institution of Iceland responsible for developing, creating and nurturing contemporary dance and choreography. ID puts special focus on new creations in dance as well as developing partnerships and collaborations with other artistic sectors, in particular, music and is recognised as a contemporary dance company on a world-class scale.

The Icelandic Dance Company has lead the development of Icelandic choreography and nurtured the talent of Icelandic choreographers. The combination of these two developments has created a unique position for ID on the international dance market. Not only does it hold a repertoire of choreography by Europe’s best but also the talent of new emerging Icelandic choreographers, hosting an element of excitement and surprise for a market always on the search for new discoveries. The company consists of nine to fourteen dancers, all sharing a background in classical training but retaining a pronounced individuality and prides itself on a tradition of working with emerging talents in all artistic fields, especially in music.


GPS: 64.1290239,-21.8986833