Þrír Frakkar

Þrír Frakkar has been regarded to be one of the best places to enjoy traditional Icelandic food in Reykjavík as it offers a variety of authentic and traditional Icelandic dishes.


Reykjavík Chips

Reykjavík Chips serve chips and only chips! It's is a perfect pitstop for a delicious, quick and budget-friendly meal in the otherwise expensive downtown Reykjavík.


Café Loki

Café Loki is a cozy café located in the heart of downtown Reykjavík. They emphasize on authentic Icelandic homemade food, such as rye bread, meat soup, and other delicacies.


Culiacan – Mexican Grill

Culiacan - Mexican Grill offers healthy authentic Mexican cuisine. Their fresh ingredients and healthy food have made it one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Reykjavík.



Jómfrúin is home of Danish smørrebrød in Iceland. It’s a friendly and well-established restaurant, perfectly located on Lækjargata in downtown Reykjavík.



Höfnin is a wonderful family-run restaurant that specialises in Icelandic cuisine with a modern twist. It is located by the harbour and offers excellent views over the marina.


Chuck Norris Grill

Chuck Norris Grill is a must visit for any burger-lover (or Chuck Norris fan). It’s a burger joint in the heart of Reykjavík and offers a good range of juicy burgers at a very reasonable price.



Krúska is a heaven for vegetarians, vegans and those who eat gluten-free, but their chicken and fish dishes are also very popular among meat-eaters.


Kol Restaurant

Kol is an upscale restaurant, located in the heart of Reykjavík. They have made an excellent reputation for good food, great cocktails and lovely ambience.


Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar

Jörgensen is a casual dining Nordic fusion restaurant where the main focus of is to offer a taste of Iceland’s finest modern cooking with an unexpected twist in a welcoming atmosphere.


Ísafold Restaurant

Ísafold Restaurant is a small and beautifully decorated restaurant located in the charming Þingholtsstræti, a quiet side street in downtown Reykjavík.


SKÝ Bar & Restaurant

SKY Restaurant & Bar is located on the 8th floor of the CenterHotel Arnarhvoll and has spectacular views over Faxaflói Bay, Harpa and Reykjavík harbour.



Messinn opened its doors in 2016 and has made a name for itself as one of the best seafood restaurants in Reykjavík, offering guests a laid-back atmosphere and excellent food.


Kopar Restaurant

Kopar is a quality restaurant offering dishes with Icelandic ingredients. They strive to use fresh products so that the dining experience reflects the great Icelandic produce.



Nauthóll bistro is an upscale restaurant with the unique advantage of being located near to some of Reykjavík’s most beautiful recreational areas in Nauthólsvík and Öskjuhlíð.


Restaurant Reykjavík

Restaurant Reykjavík is an upscale restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Reykjavik. It is known for its good value excellent and acclaimed seafood buffet which is served daily.


The Sea Baron

The Sea Baron is a warm and friendly restaurant that specialises in seafood. The famous lobster soup and grilled fish on a spear are their signature dishes.



Forréttabarinn offers a tasty tapas-style menu with an Icelandic twist while also putting a big emphasis on inventive cocktails and locally brewed beers.


VON Mathús + Bar

VON Mathús is a new family-run restaurant in Hafnafjörður, owned and run by husband and wife, Einar Hjaltason and Kristjana Þura Bergþórsdóttir.


Norðurbakkinn – Books & Café

Norðurbakkinn is a wonderful addition to the vibrant downtown of Hafnarfjörður and since it’s recent opening it has very well received by locals and travelers alike.



Some say that when you are traveling, look at where the locals go because they know there that best places are. Well, locals go to Súfistinn!