Reykjavík sparks with life. The colorful buildings reflect the vibrant atmosphere in the city. It’s surrounded by silvery seas with Mount Esja providing a stunning backdrop. Reykjavík’s characteristics lie in its many contrasts as it combines a small village ambiance and big city feel. Dip into the capital’s rich culture, try restaurants with the freshest produce and relax in one of the city’s thermal pools.


Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland is the only city in Iceland and the northernmost capital of the world. It’s a city of about 190.000 inhabitants (greater Reykjavik) which isn’t considered large on a worldwide scale but it certainly spreads over quite a large area on the Reykjavik peninsula. Reykjavik is a city with most of the things you would expect a capital of millions to offer – universities, symphony orchestra, theaters, all kinds of cultural activities, nightlife, cozy cafés, world-class restaurants and an incredibly lively music scene. You’ve also got some things not available in most other capitals such as delightful public outdoor swimming pools with hot tubs and a salmon river in the city.


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