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Reykjavik sparks with life. The colorful buildings reflect the vibrant atmosphere in the city. It’s surrounded by silvery seas with Mount Esja providing a stunning backdrop. Reykjavik's characteristics lie in its many contrasts as it combines a small village ambiance and big city feel.

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BusTravel Iceland is a leading day tour operator in Iceland and offers daily guided tours from Reykjavík to the most popular tourist attractions around Iceland. The company’s belief in tradition, experience and punctuality hasn’t changed since the small family business established itself in 1960. Back then, BusTravel went under the name Þingvallaleið, running a regularly scheduled bus tours from Reykjavik to Þingvellir.

Today, BusTravel consists of a fleet of 14 minibuses and coaches with daily guided tours across the country and scheduled transfer to the Blue Lagoon. They offer a range of diverse tours, taking you to all the major highlights of the southern region of Iceland. The tours vary in length so everyone should be able to find a tour suitable for their needs. BusTravel offers excellent package deals where they combine some of the most popular tours with Blue Lagoon transfer and airport pick-up.

BusTravel specialises in smaller groups to be able to provide a personal and attentive service to each person on the tour. The guides are very friendly and are always happy to answer questions and share their knowledge about each area. BusTravel is a reliable company that has decades of experience in guiding travellers around the country. They still, to this day, maintain their tradition, expertise and punctuality while providing a high-quality service.

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Icelandic Riding

Icelandic Riding

Icelandic Riding is a small family-run business that specialises in private horse riding tours. Their main aim is to provide guests with an authentic and fun riding experience while informing about the Icelandic horse and its history.

The owners are husband and wife, Hanna and Helgi, who both have grown up around horses. Their sons and siblings also take an active part in the running of the business. Being parents of an autistic son, the are proud to support the employment participation for people with autism to help them become a part of the community.

Icelandic riding has a varied selection of trips suitable for riders of all experience levels. They specialise in private tours with at least two guides for every group, to ensure that everyone gets the most out of the ride and being able to be attentive to each person and customise the riding tour to the needs of the group so everyone gets the best experience while riding in Iceland. Icelandic Riding ensures that you are safe and enjoying yourself throughout the whole tour. You’ll get the true authentic experience while riding in Reykjavík at the city borders. Hanna and Helgi are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the rich history of the area, the Icelandic horse, folklores and ethnography. After the trip, you’ll be offered a light taste of traditional Icelandic food.

It’s save to say that Icelandic riding combines enthusiasm, knowledge and excellent service in an ultimate and personal riding experience within the borders of Reykjavík.

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