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GPS: 65.73389,-18.1669687


Skjaldarvík Tours is að family-run business that consists of a wonderful guesthouse that also offers buggy and horse riding tours along with running a bike rental. When travelling in North Iceland, Skjaldarvík is the ideal place to stop for a night or two, do fun activities, relax in a hot tub, eat delicious food and experience the North Iceland county side. Whether you are travelling alone, with family or friends, Skjaldarvík Tours will have something for everyone. Please note that everyone that book accommodation at Skjaldarvík Guesthouse will receive a promo code which offers 10% discount on all activities with Skjaldarvík Tours.

Skjaldarvík buggy tours is a great way to explore the surroundings of Skjaldarvík in a fun and adventurous way. They offer a good range of tours, including an off-the-beaten path tour and what they call Buggy ’N Bite tour where you can enjoy the Icelandic nature while driving the buggy, relax in a hot tub and have a delicious meal in the country side. Each buggy caries two people and are equipped with 4-point harnesses for your safety along with automatic transmission to make it easy to drive. All you need is the spirit for adventure and adrenaline and a valid driving licence for the driver.

Skjaldarvík offers riding tours where you’ll get the chance to learn about the Icelandic horse under expert supervision. If you really want to connect with the nature, riding the Icelandic horse is the way to go. We recommend the Horses & Horsepower tour with Skjaldavík  which is truly a day to remember. How often do you get the opportunity to ride the famous Icelandic horse and enjoy the stunning nature, before strapping into a buggy car and letting the adrenaline flow as you race through the Icelandic countryside.

Skjalarvík rents out bike good quality bikes for those who like to get a little exercise while explore the North Icelandic country side. Their bikes are suitable for off-road areas and Skjaldarvík even offers to deliver the bike to your accommodation for a small fee.

Went on a buggy ride at Skjaldarvík a few weeks ago and had the most amazing time! It was so much fun. The guide was also really nice and helpfull when we got the buggy stuck. You don’t have to bring anything special with you they got everything you need. I highly recommend the buggy tour!

Ævar - TripAdvisor

I loved coming here for horseback riding. Will pick you up and drop you off and the horses and guide were so nice! The tour was a great length and we even had the dog to keep us company. Afterwards, they let me use the hot tub! So nice and lovely, highly recommended.

Ellen of Troy - TripAdvisor