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Located in a large red house in the heart of Akureyri, Rub 23 specialises in sushi and seafood with an Asian-American twist and a hot kick, something which has been a hit with both locals and tourists since it opened in 2008. The name derives from its homemade spice rubs. Here you mix and match a selection of seafood and meats with flavours and rubs you desire. Both the menu and the wine list are extensive, and whisky buffs, too, will find a great selection. The service is solid, proper and friendly. The ‘sushi pizza’ is a signature dish, made with nori tempura and arctic char in sweet soy sauce – elegant and packed with flavour. We can only agree with the locals that this place is worth visiting again. And again.


Their signature dish, the ‘sushi pizza’. Unconventional, creative and so delicious. It is made with nori tempura and arctic char in sweet soy sauce – elegant and packed with flavour. 

The presentation and quality of the sushi was fantastic. Each selection was outstanding and definitely worth experiencing. The decor was inviting and comfortable.
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