Project Description


Pólarhestar horse rental operate from a farmhouse in Grytubakki, a few kilometres from Grenivík, a small fishing village in North Iceland. They have been running riding tours in Northern Iceland for more than 30 years. It all began with a small herd of little more than 15 horses. Pólarhestar rapidly expanded as they started offering three different tours with up to seven different starting dates. Today their herd of Icelandic horses stands at about 150 heads. Offering 5 different riding tours and up 20 tours per week, you have no excuse to let this excellent opportunity to fully experience Icelandic nature, slip away.

For further information about their specialised tours, please see their website.

The whole journey is well-organized.The instructor let us try trot, tölt and gallop with comfortable intervals. We are properly challenged, but feel safe all the way. On the way, we also had a nice farmland view and met closely with cows and sheeps.

After the 2-hour tour, we were invited to a cozy coffee break, with company of a super friendly and relaxing dog.

Tian L - TripAdvisor