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Kópasker – Raufarhöfn – Þórshöfn – Bakkafjörður


Northeast Iceland, The Edge of the Arctic, covers the area from Víkurskað pass in the West to Bakkaflói bay and spans the entire area from the northeast coastline south to Vatnajökull glacier. This vast region contains a large number of locations worth visiting and it may be said for sure that few or none of Iceland´s regions have so many pearls of nature to offer the visitor. The residents of Northeast Iceland welcome tourists and are willing to make every effort to ensure that travel through the area is a pleasant and memorable as possible.


GPS: 66.3017264,-16.4541295



kopaskerKópasker is a fishing village on the eastern shore of Oxarfjörður. The village economy is based on services rendered to the agricultural surroundings, food production, fishing and tourism. Kopasker has a few interesting places to visit. The National Park; Jökulsárgljúfur, the local museum at Snartarstaðir are worth visiting, as well as the Earthquake Centre, describing the big earthquake of 1976.

In Kopasker you will find a shop, garage, health care centre, bank, campsite and guesthouses as well as a youth hostel. North of Kopasker you will find the peninsula Melrakkaslétta, with its ample birdlife, as well as the northernmost point of mainland Iceland, Hraunhafnartangi.

Raufarhöfn is a small fishing village, located on the northeastern tip of the Melrakkasletta peninsula, therefore the northernmost township in Iceland. Because of its positioning, the town has the longest days in Iceland during the summer and shortest ones in winter. During Iceland’s Herring frenzy in the early 20th century which dominated the Icelandic economy, Raufarhöfn was an important place in the economic chain. After the herring disappeared the effect was devastating for the village. Today, Raufarhöfn’s rows of dull prefab housing give few clues to its illustrious past. You feel a long way from the gloss and glamour of Iceland’s well-poled tourist machine here.

Raufarhöfn has all basic services, such as a health care centre, pharmacy, food store, a bank, post office, garage, pub, gallery, etc. The village also has a fine camping ground and a variety of accommodation. The village is the site of a modern monument called the “Artic Henge” which is aligned to the heavens and is inspired by the mythical world of the Eddic poem Völuspá (Prophecy of the Seeress). There are many other activities such as bird watching, fishing by the harbour or in one of the many lakes and rivers, or simply going for a walk on Höfði and around the flatlands of Melrakkaslétta.

thorshofn-2Þórshöfn is a small fishing village, located on the northern coast of the Languages peninsula on the Þistilfjörður bay. It is the administrative centre of Langanesbyggð municipality and of the neighbouring Svalbarðshreppur municipality. Þórshöfn holds out a year-round service to tourists, and Air Iceland connects the village to Akureyri and Reykjavik with seasonal flights from Þórshöfn Airport. The village has overnight facilities, restaurant, supermarket, handicraft gallery, car rental, campsite, a post office and bank, health care centre and swimming pool. Tourists can enjoy guided walks, adventure guides for children that focus on the neighbouring area. Þórshöfn is a gateway to the bird watchers paradise Langanes, especially Skoruvíkurbjarg cliff and Fontur, where you find a bird watching platform “at the end of the world”

bakkafjordur-4Bakkafjörður is a small fishing village in the North-East Iceland, located in a fjord with the same name. From Bakkafjörður, boat trips and sea angling for cod is possible. There is a good walking track which takes you past Viðvíkurbjörg Cliffs at Viðvík, then over to Álftavatn and so on to Bakkafjörður, where the birdlife is rich and diverse. Other routes take you to the isolated farm Steintún and from there to the Digranes lighthouse.

The swimming pool at Selárdalur is about 30 km from Bakkafjörður. From the pool, you have a magnificent view of the mountains, and in the salmon fishing season, you can watch the fishermen wrestle their catch from the waters of Selá river close by.