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GPS: 65.6428133,-16.9146326


Mývatn Tours is a small tour operating company, specialising in a 12-hour long day tour to Askja Caldera. They have over 30 years of experience of travelling through this fascinating and unique landscape.

The Askja Lunar Tour has been the most popular guided day tour from Mývatn region. The tour takes around 11 – 12 hours and takes you through Iceland’s largest wilderness on 4×4 buses. You will see diverse geological sites and marvels of nature, with the spectacular lunar landscape in the forefront. American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin trained in this area before they ventured to the moon in 1969. The tour also takes you to the Herðabreiðulindur nature reserve, where fresh water flows from springs into an old lava flow. These springs sustain beautiful vegetation and form small ponds that provide conditions for plants and rich birdlife in the otherwise barren landscape. Mount Herðubreið, often referred to as the Queen of Icelandic Mountains rises 1682 meters above the nature reserve and forms a stunning backdrop to this wilderness oasis. Other stunning sights of the tour is Lake Öskjuvatn and Víti crater.

Mývatn Tours have been the most sought after tour company in the Mývatn for years. They take you through the largest untamed part of the country, filled with contrasts and scenes of stunning nature. Their guides and drivers are friendly and have excellent knowledge of the area to make sure your journey will be one of the highlights of your stay in Iceland.

We took the tour in this past summer, it couldn’t be better! Everything was right on time, the ride was smooth, the guide was most helpful, friendly, ready to talk to everyone and answer questions. He provided a lot of interesting information about our route, the region and Iceland in general. On the way, we stopped to see a few beautiful waterfalls which we would not know existed if we went on our own.

Natasha - TripAdvisor