Project Description


The Laugafell geothermal pool is located on the northwestern slopes of Laugafell Mountain. The area is an oasis in the barren land between Hofsjökull Glacier and Vatnajökull Glacier. When you reach the site you will find three mountain huts that are heated all year round with geothermal water from the hot springs in the area. Laugafell also offers a camping site.

The Laugafell pool is rather large and measures around 17×7 meters in diameter and from 0.5-1.5 meters in depth. The temperature in the pool is pretty consistent at around 36 °C and 50-70 people can bathe in the pool simultaneously. Just above the main pool you will find a very small pool that can only fit one person at a time. The small pool is called Þórunnarlaug, or Thorunn’s pool.

There is a folklore connected to Þórunnarlaug, but it tells the story of Þórunn the Rich, a chieftain’s daughter from Eyjafjörður. It is said she fled to the mountains with all her household to escape from the Black Death Plague when it swept over Iceland. It is said Þórunn stayed in Laugafell for almost one year and that everyone in her household was spared from death.


GPS: N65° 01.648 – W18° 19.920