Project Description


Krua Siam is a warm and friendly restaurant, located in the heart of Akureyri. It specialises in Thai cuisine and offers its customers a wide array of chicken, lamb and vegetarian dishes. Krua Siam offers a very popular all you can eat lunch buffet every weekday with up to 15 courses as well as a takeaway menu. For further information and orders please call +354 466 3800, or have a look on their website.


Their lunch buffet is excellent and great value for money. If having dinner, the chicken Pad Thai and chicken Panang Curry are so authentic and tasty. They also offer a Thai beer, Singha, with pairs perfectly with the Thai spices. 

Really good and authentic Thai. Fresh herbs and spices and quick and good service. Probably my favorite Asian-oriented restaurant in Iceland. I give it an Excellent rating because IMHO the quality/value ration is really good for restaurants here in Iceland.
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