Project Description



In Víðidalur valley, the river Víðidalsá flows past the farm Kolugil. Just below the farm, the river makes its way soothingly down into the deep, rugged gorge called Kolugljúfur. Kolufossar, are the powerful waterfalls that tumble down the gorge. The waterfalls and gorge draw their name from the giantess, Kola. According to local folktale Kola used to sleep at a ledge by the waterfall, whilst doing so, she could plunge her hand down into the deepest part of the river and catch salmon with her bare hands. After fishing the salmon she would throw it into the nearby Koluketill, a hole in the ground full of geothermal hot water that she used to cook her meals. 


GPS: N65° 20′ 6.385″ W20° 34′ 21.749″