Project Description



Kálfhamarsvík is a small cove, situated at the north-west shore of Skagi peninsula. The main attraction is the unusual and exquisite formation of basalt columns around the bay and the surrounding area. In the early 20th century, fishing boats plied the waters and there was a small community of about 100 inhabitants in Kálfshamarsvík. However, the village did not survive the Great Depression that came some 40 years later, and was completely abandoned. You may still see the remnants of the old village since there are large stones with engraved steel plates where the houses used to be with the name of the residents and where they moved. However what makes Kálfhshamarsvík Cove truly unique is the way the magnificent columnar basalt wall and the ocean meet.


GPS: N66° 1′ 3.607″ W20° 25′ 43.156″