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Kaffi Kú is a small family-run coffee shop and bar located on the Garður farm in Eyjafjord rural area. It opened in 2011 and has since then become one of local’s favourite. What makes the coffee shop very special is that it is located in the loft of one of Iceland’s largest and technically advanced cowsheds. You are not only visiting a coffee shop, but you’ll get to see first hand how modern farms in Iceland operate. You’ll get the chance to see the farmer at work, and if you want to get up close with the animals and pet the calfs, just ask! Guests will have a view over the cows and the cowshed while they enjoy the fresh produce straight from the farm. On the balcony, guests can also enjoy excellent views over Eyjafjord.

Kaffi Kú, which means Cow Coffee, offers guests all kinds of baked goods, such as the traditional Icelandic pancakes, chocolate cakes, and their very popular waffles along with healthy and raw options. They also serve some hot dishes such as soup and hamburgers. Kaffi Kú sells high quality and fresh beef from the farm, so if you are thinking about barbecuing – Kaffi Kú will provide you with the freshest meat around.

Kaffi Kú should definitely not be missed while travelling in Eyjafjord. Only a few kilometres from Akureyri, it provides guests to experience the authentic farm life in Iceland in a beautiful setting, while offering guests to enjoy the farm’s produce.


Kaffi Kú’s goulash soup. Made from meat from the farm, Kaffi Kú is actually quite known for this soup. It is so delicious and you can really taste the freshness and quality of the ingredients. They also recently started offering hamburgers which everyone needs to try. The buns are home-baked and the meat is from the farm and is hand-formed by the farmer himself.

This cafe has such a great and unique concept. It is literally a “farm to table” dining experience. I’d say this was easily one of our top dining experiences. If you like to eat fresh and tasty food that is representative of the culture you’re visiting, then eat here. We enjoyed delicious hamburgers, goulash, coffee, and amazing desserts that are made on site. It’s just a few short kilometers from Akuyeri, along a pretty country road. The caffe is family owned. As others have mentioned, this caffe overlooks the high tech workings of this farm. The cows are beautiful, and different than the ones we have in the States. We got to tour the farm too and it was very cool. We loved it and so will you!
Sean M - TripAdvisor