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GPS: N65° 41′ 8.766″ W18° 4′ 45.697″


Into the Arctic is a new addition to the museum collection in Akureyri and was opened to the public on January 28, 2017. It was founded by Arngrímur B. Jóhannsson but it was his collection of ancient maps and charts of the north that started the idea of the exhibition. Into the Arctic consists of eight small exhibitions that tell the history of the North in a versatile and interactive way. It gives a good insight into the life in the north through the ages.

The visitor will be presented with part of Hafsteinn Hólm Þorsteinsson’s life work, consisting of taxidermy. Pictures and interesting artefacts from the Institute of Vilhjálmur Stefánson are on display and tell the stories from his polar explorations around the Arctic. Introduction to the life of inuites, beautiful models of boats, ships and aeroplanes, old navigational equipment and handmade garments from ancient times are among the artefacts on display in the exhibitions.

There is a beautiful souvenir store onsite along with a homely restaurant offers traditional Icelandic dishes for a very reasonable price.

This exhibition was great. A lot of interesting artefacts on display, I especially liked the taxidermy animals and the maps. The stories are told in English and I recommend taking the time to read about the Arctic explorers. The videos were also great and gave an interactive element to the exhibition. Strongly recommend for anyone who is curious about history and the Arctic!

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