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There are a lot enjoyable hiking and walking paths in and around Akureyri. The area around the mouth of the river Eyjafjarðará in the south of the town is quite popular, as well as the nature conservation area Krossanesborgir north of the town. The woodland Kjarnaskógur is a recreational area south of Akureyri and is a beautiful place for walking or hiking. If you prefer to stay in town, there is an interesting path in the middle of the town, along Glerá river and for those who like to go up into heights, we recommend a walk up to the mountain Súlur raising 1214 meters over the town, with a striking view over Akureyri and the fjord.

Each summer three hiking weeks are organised by different clubs and organisations. They all take place in the beginning of June, July and August. Please note that free hiking and walking maps may be obtained from the Tourist Information Centre.


Siglufjörður is an area of spectacular natural beauty. The mountains and the fjords are awe-inspiring and the opportunities for outdoors activities and recreation are almost inexhaustible. Travellers who visit Siglufjörður will not be disappointed.

The many hiking trails in the mountains and valleys around Siglufjörður is a popular attraction for the outdoors enthusiast. The nearly untouched and peaceful nature of Héðinsfjörður heightens the attraction for visitors to the area. In Iceland, different locations, and parts of nature have specific names and there are around 1300 place and nature names registered in Héðinsfjörður and Siglufjörður.

There are many interesting trails in Fjallabyggð that have been demarcated and plotted in recent years. These trails are of varying lengths and difficulty so that everybody should be able to find something to their liking. Maps and descriptions of these trails and hiking routes are to be found on Fjallabyggð’s municipality website


There are excellent hiking routes available all year around with mountain peaks of all shapes and sizes, for trained hikers or beginners, in the surroundings of Dalvik. In Dalvik has a special hiking week once a year during the summer time, with guided tours around on these mountains. Please note to take caution before going on a hike and always look for guidance from professionals. For additional information on the Hiking Week, see the official website