Project Description


The name Goðafoss can be translated to Waterfalls of the Gods. Goðafoss rips straight through the Bárðardalur lava field along highway nr.1. Although smaller and less powerful than some of Iceland’s other chutes, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful. Moreover, the waterfall is connected with one of the most important events in Icelandic history; the conversion to Christianity in the year 1000.

In that year the Lawspeaker of the Icelandic Parliament was Þorgeir Þorkelsson, who lived only few kilometers away from the waterfall. He was a pagan priest and the main matter in his days was whether Icelanders should keep practicing Norse Paganism or convert to Christianity. After a day and a night of deep meditation under a fur blanket (yes, at the time Iceland was a quite cold place like it is nowadays) he decided in favor of Christianity and he became a Christian himself. Pagans, anyway, could still practice their religion in private. To symbolically make official the decision, Þorgeir headed to Goðafoss bringing with him the heathen idols. Here he reached a cliff, raised the idols and threw them into the falling waters.


GPS: N65° 40’ 58.154” W17° 32’ 58.487” (ROAD 1)