Project Description


With Gentle Giants you can experience exciting seafaring adventures. They are located in the famous whale watching town Húsavík and with a 98% success rate of spotting whales, they strive to raise general awareness and interest in whales and their habitat. Gentle Giants have a background of more than 150 years of family history in the bay, so it is guaranteed that you will have expert guides and captains while experiencing unforgettable adventures with Gentle Giants.

In addition to whale watching tours, Gentle Giants offer a range of exciting tours for those interested in experiencing the lively natural environment around Húsavík.

For further information in regards to schedules, prices etc, you can visit their website, or call them on +354 464 1500.

This was spectacular!! I recommend spending a bit more money and taking the speed boat. It goes much faster and you can zoom around to get close to the whales before they dive under. We were a couple meters from a whale that came to the surface and seen more 6-8 humpback whales. Our tour guides played good tunes on the boat ride out there and it was SO fun!!! Highly recommend!!!
Lisa - TripAdvisor