Project Description


North Iceland has an abundance of natural wonders, opportunities for adventures and interesting landmarks to explore. This is why we recommend that you spend at least a few days in North Iceland to make sure you are not missing out on some of the most popular sights. To help you make your journey more efficient we have put together three itineraries that cover all the major attractions in North Iceland.

This journey is an idea on how you can spend 3 days of exploring North Iceland. Few areas in Iceland have as many attractions within such a short distance of each other so although the itinerary covers a lot of places it is well possible to stay the nights in the same location, to visit the attractions during the day and return to your place of accommodation before the end of the day.


Akureyri is the capital of North Iceland and one day is barely enough time to truly enjoy what it has to offer. With limited time, we recommend that you aim for an early rise and start our day by exploring the landscapes around Eyjafjord, and what better way to do this than on the Icelandic horse? Katur horse rental offers short tours during mornings where you can arrange for a pick up near your accommodation. In our opinion, there is no better way to connect with nature than on a horseback. After the tour, grab a ‘pulsa’ for a quick meal and head to one of the local swimming pools, to relax and reflect on the experience you just had while the kids can have fun in the waterslides and splash pools. It doesn’t matter the weather, the swimming pools are always a great way to unwind.

Wow, you should be getting quite hungry at this time, after all these adventures. Kaffi Ilmur is a great place for a delicious lunch. Treat yourself, by having a traditional Icelandic dessert afterwards along with a good cup of coffee like a true Icelander.

Kaffi Ilmur is located in the centre of downtown Akureyri so we would recommend that you take a stroll around the town centre and even use the opportunity to do some shopping if needed. At the start of the Göngugata, you will have Eymundsson bookstore and must not be missed by any book lover.

If you buy one souvenir in Iceland, it should be the Icelandic sweater. You will see people wearing them everywhere, and you can visit Fold Anna to get your own. Fold Anna is the only shop in Iceland that sell hand knitted sweaters. Head for Hornið if you need any outerwear clothing or equipment for further travels or activities.

When it’s time for dinner, Bautinn is an excellent choice because of it’s diverse menu and good prices. Have in mind that it might be a good idea to book a table in advance, especially during weekends and the high season. If you are feeling frisky after a delicious meal at Bautinn, you can just cross the street and have an excellent drink or cocktail at Mulaberg Bar and Bistro to put an end to a lovely day.


Today you are heading to Mývatn Lake, where you can spend the day exploring this magnificent area of natural wonders. It is a good idea to start by stopping at Grjótagjá and Stóragjá. You can even dip your toes in the hot cave water in Grjótagjá. We recommend taking a short hike in Leirhnjúkur at Krafla and in Hverir to the top of Námafjall as this hike covers the main attractions of the area. After a good walk, head to Myvatn Nature Baths and enjoy a refreshing meal at their beautiful restaurant Kvikan before you relax your muscles while enjoying a stunning scenery at the Blue Lagoon of the North.

The natural beauty of the Myvatn area calls for an equally exquisite dinner. Hotel Laxá is the place to go for a perfect ending on a long day as it combines delicious tastes with a beautiful setting.


Go to Húsavík on your third day in North Iceland. Husavik is the whale watching capital of Iceland therefore, it is a must to go on a tour while in Husavik. Gentle Giants is a family-run whale watching company that offers excellent whale-watching tours from Husavik. Why not learn even more about these magnificent creatures by paying the whale museum in Husavik a visit after the tour? If you have time, head east towards Jökulsárgjúlfur where you will pass Vesturdalur and Ásbyrgi, but these areas are stunning and are excellent for hikes.

 If you are continuing east after your 3-day stay in North Iceland, make sure you won’t miss the magnificent Dettifoss waterfall.