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A Charming Fishing Village


GPS: 65.9729562,-18.565373


Dalvik is a village located on the western shore of Eyjafjörður in the valley of Svarfaðardal and it has a population of around 2000 inhabitants. The local economy is mostly based on fisheries and fish processing, as well as various industrial and food enterprises, services, commerce, and trade. Dalvik has all necessary service, including accommodations, camping sites, grocery stores and shops. The ferry Sæfari sails from Dalvik to Grimsey, Iceland’s northernmost community and lies on the Arctic Circle.


Dalvik celebrates The Great Fish Day on the second Saturday of August every year. On this day the whole of the community invites guests to an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet on the harbour where everything is free! On the Friday night before the locals of Dalvik open the doors to their home to welcome visitor and serve fish soup. The Great Fish day is attended by 30.000 people every year, who come together to eat fish and enjoy a great day in Dalvik. The fish is cooked on the harbour, on an eight-meter long grill. A total of 12 grill stations are used to grill various types of fish, such as haddock, cod, salmon, redfish, salt cod and catfish, all cooked with different ingredients. All courses come with bread and beverages. The entertainment is diverse throughout the day. Fish exhibitions, cruises at the fjord, art shows, street theatre and music of all kinds can be enjoyed while eating freshly caught seafood.


dalvik_sundlaugThe geothermal swimming pool offers relaxation and family fun for people of all ages. Visitors can enjoy sunbathing during the summertime and experience the Northern Lights from the hot tubs during the winter. The pool facilities include a 25-meter pool, hot tubs, a splash pool for the kids, a shallow pond to relax in, a waterslide, a steam bath and a solarium.

Hvoll_DalvikThe museum of Dalvik offers visitors an insight into the life and work around Dalvik and the history of the community. Its collection comprises of thousands of various items, from art and crafts made by locals, to various tools and furnishings from different stages in history and the natural history collection contains  a number of Icelandic birds and mammals. The museum also exhibits the life of individuals from Svarfaðardalur that became nationally famous or historically significant, Jóhann Pétursson ‘The Giant’ and the Icelandic president Kristján Eldjárn.

skidasvaedi dalvikBöggvisstaðafjall is a great place to go skiing during the winter. It offers slopes for all levels of ability and experience with two ski lifts transporting skiers to the height of 320 m. All slopes offer splendid views over the fjord. Those interested in cross-country skiing can also find suitable paths. Travel companies in the area also offer heli-skiing on the nearby mountains.

dalvik-hiking-4There are excellent hiking routes available all year around with mountain peaks of all shapes and sizes, for trained hikers or beginners, in the surroundings of Dalvik. In Dalvik has a special hiking week once a year during the summer time, with guided tours around on these mountains. Please note to take caution before going on a hike and always look for guidance from professionals.

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dalvik-golf-768x512The town’s golf course is around 7 km outside Dalvik and is named Arnarholt Golf Course. It’s a 9-hole course and is located in a spectacular natural environment. All necessary equipment are available for rent on site.