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Great little museum for those short on time but interested enough to enjoy a little history and appreciate the culture. The guide was very easy to listen to; good humour, knowledge and storyteller. The displays were great almost telling the stories on their own. Great display of maps, costumes, photos and artefacts. A stop all the family can enjoy as it’s quite short for the little ones with a short attention span and long enough to give others a taste of history. Totally recommend stopping here.
Briana - TripAdvisor

Akureyri Museum collects, preserves and researches cultural artefacts from the Akureyri and Eyjafjord area. The museum’s aim is to give an excellent insight into the history and culture of the area from the settlement to modern days. The museum has an excellent collection of articles and photographs that portray the life and work of inhabitants of Eyjafjordur and Akureyri from past decades or even centuries. The Museum offers two permanent exhibitions depicting the history of the area from settlement to modern times. These exhibitions are called “Eyjafjordur from Early Times” and “Akureyri – the Town on the Bay”. Interesting and unique artefacts can be found in the exhibitions, relating to the Viking period, Middle ages, religion and everyday life in Eyjafjordur and Akureyri from earlier times. All exhibition texts are available in English, German and Danish.

The museum also offers ‘history walks’ around the town, where guests can experience Akureyri and its history in a unique way. It’s a guided tour around the old parts of town where you’ll learn about the historic significance of some of the older buildings around town.

The museum garden is a wonderful place for a picnic and you could say it’s exhibition on its own. It is one of the very few preserved gardens in Iceland since before the start of the 20th century. The 19th century church is also well worth a visit. It was built in 1846 by Þorsteinn Daníelsson and is an excellent example of the traditional Icelandic farm churches that were built during the mid-1800’s.

Current Exhibitions 2016 – 2017

Akureyri – the Town by the Bay: This exhibitions portrays the way of life in a 19th century town with a display of interesting objects and photographs.

Are you ready, Madam President?: An interesting and powerful exhibition that sheds a light on an important factor in the tenure of the first woman president in the world, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir.

Land Ahoy! – Historical Maps of Iceland 1547 – 1808 – Schulte Collection: Exquisite maps made by renowned mapmakers revealing how the image of the island has evolved.