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Fjallsárlón - Iceberg Boat Tours

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Fjallsárlón Boat tours is a tour operating company, specialising in Zodiac boat tours on the magnificent Fjallsárlón. Fjallsárlón is an isolated glacier lagoon located in the realm of Vatnajökull glacier, the largest glacier in Europe. The lagoon offers spectacular sights such as floating icebergs that have broken off the glacier, in stunning colours. Iceland’s tallest volcano, the Öræfajökull glacier, looms above the lagoon. The company’s aim is to offer travellers a professional, fun and informative experience with the unique opportunity to be in the presence of icebergs and glaciers.What makes these boat tours unique is that the boats are small and can easily be manoeuvred around and between the icebergs, providing spectacular views of the glacier lagoon. It also offers the opportunity to sail towards the glacier edge so you can see the glacier up close.

Every tour is guided, which means that you’ll have a guide that tells you about the history of the region, the formation of glaciers along other fascinating knowledge. He can even fetch tiny icebergs from the water so you can have a closer look at the actual ice. You’ll also have the opportunity to taste crystal clear water from the icebergs that have been hundreds of years in the making.

The guides of Fjallsárlón all have different backgrounds but share the passion of the outdoors and the Icelandic nature. They know the area inside out and are happy to share their knowledge with travellers and inform about the fascinating history and formation of the region as well about the dramatic changes we’ve seen in the landscape the past years.

Each boat accommodates 10 persons. You will spend 45 minutes on the water but each tour takes a total of 90 minutes. Fjallsárlón is very concerned about your safety and comfort, so they offer warm float jackets and life vests and each guide has received special training in sailing the boat.

It’s best to book your tour in advance on their website They also welcome group bookings through email. If you have any special requests they are happy to custom make a tour that suits your needs